First Lady Michelle Obama Appreciation Day!

I hereby announce that today February 2, 2012 is First Lady Michelle Obama Appreciation Day! Why? Well, because our First Lady is awesome and she deserves a day of appreciation. Further I think as a feminist space we need to just take a moment to reflect on the wonderful and positive example that has been set by the First African American FLOTUS.

Whether she is looking stunning in pastels on Jay Leno or doing (25!) pushups on Ellen, her charm and smarts and genuine concern for the health of American children and military families shines through.

February is also Black History Month and yesterday President Obama issued a proclamation to honor African American women. The special message is meant to highlight and pay tribute to influential African American women that impacted culture and history.

It’s certainly a historic moment for African American women in the era of Michelle Obama and while she still has to occasionally deal with the same old stereotypes and misconceptions, she is setting a wonderful example for us all.

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  • toongrrl

    I love her! Hope that she maintains her own self

  • daria

    this is one of the critiques i’ve seen levelled at feminists(when people are bunching us all together like we think with a hive mind). that we do not consider class and see any woman in a position of power as somehow benificial to all woman kind. that is why i must disagree with the statement that she is deserving of appreciation and the sentiment that it is the duty of this space as a feminist space to recognise that. michelle obama has not done anything especially worthy of note. encouraging people to eat healthy doesn’t count. and how very nice of her as an upper class woman with money to lend support to charities. or asking latin americans to put pressure on the republicans to pass legislation for amnesy for undocumented folk as if it were their fault both sides weren’t utter racists and somehow obama couldn’t do it alone and as if they hadnt already made their opinion clear. she has never been critical of her husbands policies but instead fully supports him as the FLOTUS. every ordinary working class woman is far more deserving of praise than her. there is a reason it is internatinal working womans day.

  • Faith Randle

    I love her! She is an example for all of us. She keeps it real and I think that she is the best first lady that this country has ever seen. She’s the one that I have heard being very active and advocating child obesity as well as other things. I’m glad that there’s an appreciation day for her now.