Romney may have won the New Hampshire primary, but he’s still a jerk

In an unprecedented win, Mitt Romney took the NH primary by about 40% last night. It was unprecedented in that rarely does a nominee take Iowa and New Hampshire, however, Republican voter turn-out was lower than in 2008. From any objective stand-point the Republicans look screwed (and not in the good way), since most of their conservative base hates Mitt Romney because to them, he is not conservative enough. But to us, he continues to be an epic asshole. He also lies quite a bit.

See here in his NH primary speech where he claims that Obama “apologized for America.” Strangely, I wasn’t able to find a quote of Obama saying this anywhere.

The world Mitt Romney is campaigning in is a fabricated world where he pulls false information to try and make Obama seem like a socialist nightmare that has raised the white flag on every war in the world, forgiven all our student debts and given us all healthcare (I wish!). In Romney’s world, our country was on the right course post-Bush and he wants to take us right back there. But for a guy who doesn’t see what the big deal is about contraception, who lies about his own healthcare proposals of the past and who flip-flops on gay issues–we shouldn’t be shocked. Romney is a far cry from being a moderate Republican–he’s just a strategic flip-flopper with very little political integrity.

So, on to South Carolina where things are going to get a little more difficult for Mitt, as we move to some of the most religiously conservative but also jobless parts of the country.

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