The L-Word’s Leisha Hailey kicked off of Southwest flight for kissing girlfriend

If you love Leisha Hailey from The L-Word like I do, prepare to fume. Southwest Airlines, the airline company that loves to discriminate based on size and what you’re wearing (not to mention harass some women in the process) kicked the actress and her girlfriend off of their flight yesterday for kissing, with the reason being that Southwest is a “family” airline.

After tons of tweets by Leisha demanding an apology and a ton of news coverage, Southwest issued a public apology claiming that the flight attendant was responding to passenger complaints “characterizing the behavior as aggressive,” claiming the actions made weren’t based on the fact that they were gay, but because they were making out.

Which I call bullshit on. The airline has way too much of a reputation of discrimination — not to mention against a lot of celebrities, which also gives the impression that the airline is guilty of discrimination not just because they’re assholes, but to garner more attention (and hence, more business). It’s like they’re the PETA of the airline industry.

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