More anti-Choice billboards targeting black men

Anti-choice groups have not stopped at simply declaring abortion black genocide or the mass murder of Latino children, now we’ve moved on to shaming black men.

New billboards have popped up in California with the words, “Fatherhood begins in the womb” with a black man and what appears to be his pregnant partner.


The abortion industry has created a culture of abandonment. Responsibility has become someone else’s concern, and death the solution to ‘unplanned’ pregnancies — the natural result of sexual behavior,” Ryan Bomberger, Black pro-life and adoption advocate, told “There’s nothing natural about an industry that generates over $200 million, annually, by killing a child left defenseless by the absence of a father.”

Bullshit. Reproductive choice is the law. Unplanned pregnancies do not result in abortion because of black men and women avoiding responsibility, many times it’s because they lack of resources to raise a child. I would argue that this is the definition of responsibility. No matter the reason it is a right under federal law to make that determination.

Abortion rights for all women are being targeted and the shaming of black women in particular for their legal choices is disgusting. Same goes for shaming black men.

Perhaps these not so pro-life groups could focus their energy in creating billboards of black men like Troy Davis who are on death row about to be executed for crimes they didn’t commit. Seems they only care about people who aren’t alive and walking the earth.

The fact that the not so pro-life movement remains silent on the state sponsored murder of an innocent man proves they don’t really care about LIFE. But we already knew that.

Save Troy Davis: Contact the DA’s office directly tell him 2 withdraw death warrant Telephone: 912-652-7308 Fax: 912-652-7328

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