Breaking: Racist anti-choice billboards targeting Latinas forced to come down

A press release from the group Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who has taken responsibility for Los Angeles billboards I wrote about two weeks ago, states that the billboards are being removed. They cite efforts by “pro-abortion” groups as the reason for the removal. They also claim these efforts were motivated by a desire to cover up Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities.

We know that these billboards are tantamount to hate speech–targeting women of color as the culprits putting children at harm. It’s interesting that they are making Planned Parenthood the focus of their press release, considering that the organization’s name and identity were completely absent from these billboards. Instead they promote hateful rhetoric and do nothing to support those who do want to parent.

Congratulations to everyone who organized against the campaign–this win is similar to the SoHo billboard that was removed earlier this year.

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