Rogers Cup: “Come For the Ladies, Stay for the Legends”

UPDATE: Awesome. Tennis Canada has contacted me with information that Rogers Cup has changed the advertisement to have the slogan, “Making History, Re-Living History,” and has issued a public apology, saying, “We apologize if the original campaign slogan was perceived to be sexist or at all derogatory towards the women of Rogers Cup. It was never our intent but hopefully the adjustments we have made — all of which should hit the market next week — address the concerns voiced.”

First, Wimbledon gives away free tickets to people who vote on the “best-looking player.” Now Tennis Canada, which organizes the annual Rogers Cup, offers us this gem:

SlutWalk Toronto promptly responded to the ad, demanding a public apology and that the ads be taken down. Heather Jarvis told NOW Magazine, “It’s a poster that’s saying, ‘Come check out the hot ladies and stay for the men, because those are the real athletes.’”

In response, Tennis Canada, who created the ad, says they’re taking the criticism “very seriously,” they’re not removing the ads or issuing an apology because the “legends” they’re referring to are legends because they’re retired and not because they’re men.

Yeah, but why are none of the “legends” women? To say this ad (and perhaps the tournament) wasn’t explicitly gendered and in a very distinct way, in a way that says that the hot tennis girls are fun to watch but the real show are the male pros, is not taking this criticism seriously at all — in fact, it’s straight up denying it.

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Tennis Canada’s updated letter in response:

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