Bridesmaids becomes top earning R-rated female comedy.

There were conflicting opinions about this year’s gal pal hit Bridesmaids and while I didn’t think it was perfect, I thought it was pretty damn clever and groundbreaking. Well, apparently, the American public agrees as Bridesmaids is now the top rated female comedy ever surpassing Sex and the City and is also Judd Apatow’s highest grossing film outshining Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby–omg it’s a real life funny movie now, not just for the girls! This could either be because fart and poop jokes are funny irrespective of gender or (gasp) the world is changing and women as complex humans is going to become an ongoing theme in movies and television (or a little of both).

For those of you that saw it, what did you think of the movie?


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