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What We Missed

TweetOur own Samhita, at The Guardian, on Kate Middleton’s decision to remove the word “obey” from her wedding vows. Lara Logan, the CBS reported who was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square earlier this year, has given an interview about her experience to “60 Minutes.” It will air Sunday. The Women’s Media Center is now accepting [...]
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Vintage STD prevention posters are the best/worst

TweetVintage sex ed alert! The San Franciso Department of Public Health (um, coolest local government agency in the country? I think so!) brings us 100 years worth of STD prevention posters. On Twitter, Tracy Clark-Flory described them as “awesome(ly awful).” Some are just plain awesome though. This one is my favorite. These days, when some [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: So Much Pretty

TweetSo Much Pretty is about a small, poor town in central New York state that is rocked by the disappearance of a young woman and by another act of gendered violence, both of which turn the town and the women involved into household names. It’s told from a number of perspectives, many of them belonging [...]
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Quick hit: “You look great! Have you lost weight?”

TweetAt Shakesville, Amber Leab writes about how being too sick to gain weight – and too sick for life-saving surgery – changed her perspective on that ultimate compliment, “you’re so skinny!” For Leab, being skinny was dangerous, even as the women around her envied her for it. She observes that the culture of thinness is [...]
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The FBI’s “forcible rape” definition

TweetWhile the GOP tries to redefine rape and exclude survivors in their anti-choice ventures this year, it looks like the FBI has been way ahead of the game on that front. Yep, the definition of rape used in the bureau’s Uniform Crime Report is pretty damn vintage. And not vintage like 70s vintage — this [...]
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