Ugandans named in anti-gay hit list win damages, injunction

Photo of Rolling Stone newspaper. Headline reads 100 Photos of Uganda's Top Homos LeakThe Guardian reports that a high court in Uganda has awarded just over £400 each in damages to 3 individuals named in a lawsuit against the Rolling Stone newspaper that published a list of 100 people the paper called “Uganda’s top homos” with the headline “Hang them.” Further, the court ruled the paper violated the constitutional rights to privacy and safety of the people named in the article and issued an injunction against the Rolling Stone newspaper telling them not to publish such a list again.

Sadly the injunction can’t protect the 100 people who were on the original list, Some of whom have already experienced attacks as a result. The injunction is important though, as it could prevent such an attack on individuals in Uganda again.

The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Uganda, which brought this case to court, explained the ruling:

According to the group the court ruling, released today, noted that the issue was not homosexuality but the “fundamental rights and freedoms” of those named, particularly through the incitement to violence.

Adrian Jjuuko, from the group, said: “The ruling firmly establishes the principle that constitutionally protected rights belong to all Ugandans, whatever their perceived sexuality.”

This is an important ruling for Uganda, where the Rolling Stone newspaper article followed the notorious “kill the gays” bill. I hope this is the first step in a better direction for LGBT folks in Uganda.

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    “Parents Now Face Heart-breaks As Homos Raid Schools”

    My God. Not to mention the one above it.

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