Uganda bill enforcing death penalty for homosexuality is “likely to pass”

This is just horrendous. There’s been a bill pending in Uganda, now being considered “likely to pass,” which could potentially enforce the death penalty on “serial offenders” of homosexuality. Reuters reports:

Activists and political observers expect the private members’ bill, which proscribes the death penalty for “serial offenders” and is still in the committee stage, to pass with little opposition and some minor changes.
Likely changes may include modifying the death penalty to life imprisonment, altering clauses nullifying international treaties, conventions and protocols that contradict the act, and removing a section about extradition.
“It’s catastrophic,” said Frank Mugisha, chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a local activist group.
“People are being arrested, intimidated already. What’s going to happen if it’s passed?”

We find this via Towleroad, which also reports that Sweden has announced they will be cutting aid to Uganda over the bill, while American public figures like Rick Warren (yeah, the pastor Obama chose for inauguration) are involved in the anti-LGBT efforts there.
Angelican church leader Canon Gideon Byamugisha, a prominent religious leader in Uganda, called this bill out on what it is: “state-legislated genocide.”

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