Bored of Cheating Sportsmen…And their Wives!

Did you know Rooney cheated on Coleen…WITH A PROSTITUTE? But they’re back together!

Tiger’s wife’s going to get over 100 mill, did you see that?

Cheryl is finally going to talk about her and Ashley splitting!

To all the above I will answer yes, and did I want to know, no. The UK press has become absorbed with the scandalous tales of sportsmen cheating on their wives; each glossy fighting to uncover the latest cheat. Sadly, there gets to point where the wondering sex-scapades of an over-paid athlete fails to thrill and that point came, stopped by, went, and repeated ad infinitum. Female solidarity can only go so far before you just have to say, if you want to be a doormat, BE A DOORMAT, just don’t do a spread on it in HEAT!

If I was of the impressionable persuasion I would probably have bitten my nails down to mere stubs and be tossing and turning at night yearning for sleep I will never get because I don’t know whether Coleen and Rooney will stay together! Unfortunately, I am not, because I realised sometime ago that while we stress ourselves, these women will gain public support and then run with a hefty stash of cash or stay in the relationships, with an equally hefty stash of cash, and I will continue on with no hefty stash of cash. We have become so absorbed with lathering these damsels in distress with ‘public support’ that a basic grasp on reality has been lost. We do not know them. Yet, we let  those children wearing ‘I wanna be a Wag’ t-shirts are shouting dump him or stay with him. To exacerbate situations these Wag role models are then eagerly returning to their men and sending the message to these girls that cheating, is Ace-okay.

Now I know the next argument that follows is that they do not ask to be role-models and the next is that, its their private business, and these are true. These are the reasons why I ask, plead, live in endless hope, that a moratorium may one day be put on the word ‘wag’ and the stories of the dire emotional states of whats-her-face after whats-his-name cheated her may one day disappear, like my interest. What? A girl can dream!

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