CNN’s Don Lemon does courageous reporting on male sexual abuse

It is so rare to see sexual assault handled with respect in the mainstream media, and even rarer still to see it handled at all when it comes to male victims. Check out this rare and powerful example of reporting at its best–CNN’s Don Lemon interviews three current member and one former member of Bishop Eddie Long’s very successful New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Bishop Long is defending himself against three lawsuits brought by young men who allege that he abused them. Lemon cuts through the hype surrounding these charges and, around minute 5, talks bravely about his own experience with sexual assault. It’s really quite something:

Thanks to Nancy for the heads up.

Pastor Eddie Long accused of rape by two men.

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  • nazza

    I started to cry when he said that.

    And as a Christian, I am supposed to forgive my abuser. It would be easier if I understood why pedophilia even exists. The conservative explanation is apt to use words like “demonic” or “dark forces”. I am more inclined to see in in terms of a horrible mental illness, but as someone who also has mental illness, I don’t want a sexual predator lumped in with me, regardless of why.

  • Kaleigh

    Through this whole thing I keep thinking…. all of these people are coming out and saying that they stand behind the person who’s been accused of rape. He must be feeling a lot of support…. I wish there was as much vocal support for the survivors of rape. Why is it that the media and our society in general is so quick to disbelieve those who have the courage to speak up about their abuse… the types of responses that are coming out just further silence other survivors from speaking up because they know they will be shot down if they come forward. Very frustating. At least this report begins to get at that, even just a little bit.

  • Lauren

    I was frustrated by the reasons given for why the young people on the show were supporting Eddie Long. The last straw was when the young woman said that he doesn’t seem like a pedophile. Many abusers don’t “seem” like abusers, and yet they are. I am grateful for the nuanced, honest, and calm approach that Don Lemon took to the story, but to hear the unwavering support for him from the young people, some of whom are probably around the same age as the alleged victims, was very saddening to me. I think that Lemon could have been a little bit more probing, in order to further break down the silence, secrecy, and mythology surrounding sexual abuse.

  • lalareina

    I have to say I deeply admire Don lemon’s bravery for sharing his story, that took major courage. As a church person I have to say Long’s supporters should heed what the Apostle Paul who said to his supporters “follow me as I follow Christ”. It’s not wrong to question your pastor.

  • F.Toth

    Even before his revelation, I was admiring how Don Lemon stayed calm and even-tempered in the face of such obvious nonsense. An amazing skill. A brave man.