Omega Women & Power conference scholarship opportunity

It’s that time again…the Omega Women & Power conference. So many amazing Feministing readers got scholarships last year and we were thrilled to get to know some of them over the course of the weekend. While the whole editorial crew won’t be going to this year’s conference up in Rhinebeck, we still wanted to make sure that our community knew about this awesome opportunity.
Scholarships include the full cost of the conference, accommodations, all meals, and transportation from New York, if needed. Scholarship applications are due June 1, 2010. Go here to apply.
The line-up this year is equally fierce as last year, including Sharon Salzberg, Anna Deavere Smith, Zainab Salbi, Luong Ung, and Manisha Thakor, among so many amazing others.

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  • TabloidScully

    I was so excited to see this link and started applying for a scholarship. I’ve been incredibly frustrated that in my gig as a freelance writer, approximately half of my pitches involve Feminism and are turned down. Considering I write for a publication that bills itself as integral to establishing social change, I don’t understand why so many articles pertinent to women are denied. I felt for sure that this conference would help bolster my credibility to secure more ink for Feminist issues.
    But, alas, when I caught the conference dates, I realized I can’t go–the first day is three days after I’m due to deliver my first child in California.
    I hope that every woman out here that wants to go, can. This looks like an amazing opportunity and I regret that I’ll be missing it.