Gloria Steinem on Women & Power

Gloria Steinem 3Lateefah Simon (who is amazing, btw) introduced Gloria Steinem who is one of the great speakers kicking off the conference tonight.
Steinem says that while “difference is the source of learning” and that “difference is a gift,” we should focus on our shared humanity. Also, she is hilarious: apparently back in the day “studies” said that only women should type because we had the necessary motor skills to do so. Then computers came long. (Ha!)
I’m also glad that she’s talking about forced sterilization as its related to reproductive justice and that racism and sexism are “intertwined and cannot be uprooted separately.” Also, she mentioned the prison industrial complex – as Miriam said in her conference tweet: Rock.
My favorite line of the night: “The stereotype about young women is that they’re ungrateful and inactive – this is utter bullshit.”
Also: “More young women identify as feminists than older women, yet we’re led to believe that the opposite is the case.” Sweet.
And scary: “If only white women had voted, John McCain would be president.”
And… “Is the women’s movement racist? Yes, the country is racist.”
And more amazing: Older women ask her if she’s surprised about the way young women and dress and she responds, “well I wore miniskirts and a button that said ‘cunt power,’ so…”

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