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You and your shame-cave!

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Smith reacts to anti-gay bigot

TweetLast night Ryan Sorba, an “anti-homosexual activist” spoke at Smith College. Sorba, the author of the upcoming book, “The Born Gay Hoax,” (yes, seriously) can been seen in action here. The awesome feminists of Smith forced Sorba out after a mere twenty minutes of speaking, when he was drowned out by protesters. Pam has more. [...]
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On taking quotes out of context

TweetIn one of our threads, commenter atheistwoman cited an article I was quoted in, writing that I said I “don’t post more serious stuff because no one commented.” I’ve seen this repeated elsewhere, so I just wanted to set the record straight – because it drives me insane when people take my quotes out of [...]
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Stay classy, Joe Francis

TweetAshley Alexandra Dupre, the sex worker in the Spitzer scandal, has filed a lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild, which notes that Dupre was underage when she exposed herself on video. GGW founder and known asshole Joe Francis’ response: “But I think it’s ironic that she charged Gov. Spitzer $2,000 for sex and she wants to [...]
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Yale Women’s Center harassers found not guilty by school

Tweet Some bad news via Female Impersonator: At the beginning of the semester, there was an incident here at Yale involving a “fraternity prank” and the Women’s Center where 12 members of the Zeta Psi frat stood in front of the Women’s Center chanting “dick dick dick dick” while holding a sign saying “We Love [...]
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