Coincidence or feminist paranoia?

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but reader Deja points out that the link that once housed the now-pulled rape shirt currently displays a “Miss Bitch” shirt. Slight dig at feminist complainers, perhaps?
UPDATE: Thanks to commenters for catching what I totally missed. This:
You know, if pointing out that trivializing rape is wrong makes me bitchy, so be it. I am a bitch. If bringing attention to the fact that a company shouldn’t be selling pre-teens shirts that say rape is okay if a girl is drunk makes me a bitch, I’m okay with that. I am a big fucking bitch. So David and Goliath, you think the gals at Feministing are bitches. That’s fine. Cause at the end of the day, we’re still the bitches that got you to pull a shirt.

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  • Cruella

    The other thing is – if they think there’s something wrong with us for wanting the shirt pulled – why did they pull it? If they think it was an acceptable shirt to sell – get on and sell it. If not the phrase they’re looking for is “we would like to apologise…”.

  • Comrade Kevin

    The idea many of us are arguing is the idea of reclaiming epithets.
    Let me give you an example. I am a Quaker-officially known as The Religious Society of Friends. Quaker is actual a pejorative term. It’s an insult that implies that we would tremble at the presence of God in some sort of misguided zeal. It was a response to our founder who found himself on trial for making comments for challenging the status quo and found himself thrown in prison for doing so.
    Though the attacks on here can be personal and nasty, thank God we have gotten to the point that expressing our opinions rarely results in being thrown in jail or being killed by those who feel threatened by dissenting voices.
    If the rules of 400 years ago were in play, then everyone who comments, post, or contributes here would be either jailed or killed, depending on how “lucky” we were.

  • blondein_tokyo

    This, is just too funny. The owner of that company just shot himself in the foot, totally underestimating the strength of women’s feelings on the subject of rape. I sincerely hope that every single woman sends him a message, AND passes it on to all the other people she knows. Hit him where it will REALLY hurt- right in his wallet.

  • TiffanyGB

    Just wanted to point out the color option is “punch”. You must have roused some feathers if every detail is so aggressive…

  • Geek

    Kevin, it’s hard to find the point in several of your posts. What is your point here? That we should be glad that speaking out against someone calling us bitches for speaking out against rape-apologist humor doesn’t land us in jail, so we shouldn’t speak out? (which makes that freedom pointless)
    Or that in the process of reclaiming a sexist slur (not a new concept to most of us, so you don’t need to “explain”) we shouldn’t speak out against hateful use of that slur?

  • syndicalist702

    I’m Mr. Bitch. And proud of it. w00t. Congrats for pulling their card, again.

  • mizz.rush

    Obviously these people aren’t the most intelligent (or creative) folks around if 1) They would rather attack customers and visitors who take issue with a product instead of apologize/assume responsibility, and 2) Their attack is even less inspired than the crap I used to deal with when I was 12.
    It doesn’t even deserve a response, really.We fought with brains, they’re fighting with bullshit. Game over. We win =)

  • glorificus314

    It’s just so easy to see their point!
    Girls who don’t want to advertise rape are such prudes!

    This shit is just revolting.

  • Kristin

    Has anyone seen this *winner* of a shirt yet?

  • GopherII

    Offensive. This site is definitely run by an asshole. This is meant to be offensive. At the bottom it says 10% off for our feministing friends. They support some sick fucking rape shirt and now they want to be anti-feminist. This company needs some media attention to their sick fucking shirts. No, I dont think it will bring customers, but highlite how lax mainstream perceives rape. I’d like to see a repurcussion happen against the head of this company due the lax attitude they endorse concerning rape. Maybe after walking funny for a couple days he wont think it so funny.

  • Mz.Stilletto

    re: the “suck my balls” bit
    I found that part of this conversation interesting, and it made me think of the way I express myself in those terms as well.
    meeneecat mentioned that perhaps “kiss my ass” would have been better, and after I thought about it, I remembered that the phrase I personally use the most is “suck my ass”, which I actually get a lot of satisfaction from saying out loud. ;) (Try it! It’s fun! LOL)
    Anyhoo, I was just wondering what everyone’s take is on that one. Do you think it could still be taken as offensive like “suck my balls”? Strictly curiosity on my part… Let me know what you all think! :)

  • MLEmac

    Instead of buying that shirt, which I am slightly tempted to do, I will instead create my own design similar to that, so I don’t have to give the asshole money. What’s good for the goose, eh?
    Re: comrade kevin,
    I’m a Quaker too, and I appreciate the sharing of our backstory, but I also took that as the old excuse “at least you’re not getting jailed for free speech!” We have a right to complain, just as the asshole has a right to give his opinion via the “miss bitch” shirt. We want to further use our right by boycotting his business. Yes, it’s good that we are not getting jailed….so what’s the point? Should we stop speaking out because it’s no longer civil disobedience? Or should we all just thank our lucky stars because things could be worse?

  • Lori

    Mz. Stilletto-
    I am not sure how I would react to that phrase. Kiss my ass doesn’t seem sexist to me because is not sex/gender specific, it’s not an explicit sex act… things like that. Kiss my ass is more akin to something like bite me in my mind. I think on it’s face I would say suck my ass is more like kiss my ass, but is reminiscent of the degrading use of suck my dick, so I would hesitate to use it I think (although it does sound fun and funny). I have always been a fan of go fuck yourself though. Which is about all I’d have to say to the assholes who make these tshirts.

  • MLEmac

    This is the e-mail I just sent him, by the way.
    Miss Bitch?
    In context, I take that shirt, and it’s little message to me and the other readers at feministing, as a compliment. Did we ruffle your feathers? If complaining about a shirt that makes a joke out of rape makes me a bitch, then I will proudly wear that title. I am simply curious as to why even pull the rape shirt to begin with? Was it for the sole purpose of being able to refer to us all as “bitches?” Or were you trying to mollify the feminist sleeper cell? If it was the latter, you failed. If it was the former, you have the maturity of my 11 year old brother. Be happy to know that you have certainly lost my business forever, as well as, hopefully, every other self respecting bitch who hears about this.
    signed, me

  • smashpatriarchy6

    My tactful response:
    Dearest David & Goliath,
    Yeah, I’m a bitch. A bitch who stands up for women. So shut the fuck up.

  • Bowleserised

    Isn’t it fascinating when misogynists turn out to have a side line in something heinous like plagiarism or embezzlement?

  • Bislane

    is it terrible that im tempted to buy this shirt and hang it on my wall?

  • thistledo04

    What a childish response by that site, you can almost hear the company president going “oh yeah, link the rape shirt that we got in trouble for selling with a Miss Bitch shirt, because that’s what those girls are, they’re BITCHES!!”. This would be followed of course by making a ‘No Girls Allowed’ fort under their conference table.
    And I completely agree with whoever said that they’ve been called way worse than a bitch before.

  • Halfmad

    Wow, it’s truly mind-blowing how many ideas he’s stolen:

  • chicagogal

    Message I sent them:
    Hello there,
    I must congratulate you on your innovative venture of t-shirt making. I’m sure no one has ever thought of that. I’m sure your company will be incredibly successful, given the fact that your company seems to find rape hilarious! I mean I get it, drunk girls + rapists = hysterical. I can’t possibly understand why Feministing would find that offensive. You’re right, they’re bitches! But what do you need to worry, there’s hardly anyone in the t-shirt market right now. Congrats on being original and hilarious at the same time!