Which PETA campaign do you hate the most?

I refuse to post the image of the newest horrific stunt that PETA managed to pull off in London yesterday. Instead, I’ll go vintage sexism and give you the oldest ad that we have – Save the wild pussy!
Sometimes it seems that PETA’s sexist bullshit will never cease to haunt us, so I thought it was about time we do something about it. I wanted to take the opportunity after this most recent heinous stunt to make a poll out of five of their most offensive ads/actions that we have and ask you which is your personal favorite (to hate, that is). So will it be:

“Fur Trim” Ad?
“Milk Gone Wild”?
Naked Alicia Silverstone’s ad?
“KFC Blows” Sex dolls?
London’s “Unhappy Mother’s Day for Pigs”?

And while we’re collecting your responses, give PETA a new campaign idea like these that Ann suggested, “Vegetarianism is not sexism” or “Don’t make women your meat substitute.”

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