Hungover Feminist Weekly Report – Supreme Court Edition

No one should be surprised about the topic of this week’s report.

The other ladies have been talking about this too. Go read them:
BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Federal Abortion Ban
Today’s decision is alarming.”
More on today’s SCOTUS decision
Quick Hit: Supreme Court upholds ban on “partial-birth” abortion
Anti-choicers dizzy with joy
Wanna know why we’re talking about this? Very simple. Here’s another quote from the decision.

Respondents have not demonstrated that the Act, as a facial matter, is void for vagueness, or that it imposes an undue burden on a woman’s right to abortion based on its overbreadth or lack of a health exception.

What do I think of that? Well, watch the video.

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  • Jessica

    Jen, my uterus says it loves you.

  • moja

    Oh Jen! Best. Hungover. Report. Ever.

  • The Law Fairy

    Can our uteruses be friends? Maybe they could comfort each other. Mine was ready to off herself after hearing about this decision.

  • Anonymous

    We should start a Demoralized Uteri Support Group.

  • juju

    Jen you’re awesome!

  • Colleen

    fantastic. absolutely fantastic!
    my uterus definitely needs a support group. i’m totally in. and perhaps our uteri could follow jen’s lead and start a letter writing campaign.
    gotta say, i also really loved the addition of Pat Benatar at the end of the report.

  • jenn

    Great uteruses think alike! Mine is high-fivin’ all of yours. (She’s nerdy like that.)

  • annajcook

    Haha. Maybe the “new, improved” system would be to put SCOTUS on speed-dial :P

  • Jess

    thought you guys might be interested in this: cartoon comparing va tech shooter to pro-choice doctors. I’m not sure where the cartoon originally appeared.

  • FEMily!

    Jess, what’s interesting about that cartoon is that the Republican cartoonist is so deluded that he doesn’t realize that a little gun control could have saved those lives at Columbine and VA Tech. But conservatives couldn’t care less about protecting people. It’s all about the fetus!
    Anyway, to what Jen was saying, it pisses me off to no end that men use such false sensitivity and understanding of a pregnant woman’s experience to chip away our reproductive rights. They’ll preserve our right to get pregnant by mistake by keeping us as far away from contraception as possible. They’ll preserve our right to regret ever having children by making us feel guilty about never wanting children in the first place. But I guess protecting us from regretting an abortion is more important than making sure we maintain our human right of bodily autonomy.

  • shan

    just a quick f.y.i.
    the artist of the ridiculous cartoon linked in a comment above is chuck asay, an obnoxious right-winger based in Jesus Town, USA (colorado springs, CO). growing up there i had the luxury of being subjected to ‘asay worship’ by members of the ol’ evangelical fam. good times. too bad he hasn’t been cancelled, figured he was dead and gone by now.

  • chem_fem

    Sorry I’m late watching this, great blog post!
    The cartoon is seriously wrong seeing as abortion might have prevented all of the those murders had we known what each killer was going to grow up to be. sigh!
    Maybe the conservatives should worry more about finding a killer gene than all their claptrap about finding a gay one.

  • kgirl

    What if an innocent woman dies because of this law’s lack of a health clause? Who will be charged with murder then?

  • The Law Fairy

    Oh fuck. I’ve met Chuck Asay :P At Bible camp, years ago.
    When I first saw just the text of the link from Jess, I thought there was a correlation being drawn between the VA shooter and people who shoot abortion doctors. Haha, silly me, thinking that guns are more like, um, guns, than they are like medical procedures!

  • kgirl

    What if an innocent woman dies because of this law’s lack of a health clause? Who will be charged with murder then?