Saturday night good times

A heads up to all you New Yorkers: the fabulous Amanda Marcotte is coming into town! So get out your party hats and come to a super cool event on Saturday night to support Amanda.
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Come join us for an evening of political conversation and inebriation with blogger Amanda Marcotte!
It was no surprise that the first major “controversy� of the 2008 campaign revolved around bloggers. Now that the dust has settled from the John Edwards blog flap, come hear the inside story and discuss what it all means for progressive politics, netroots activism and fighting the hypocritical right-wing noise machine.
Join us this Saturday at The Tank for a night conversation, drinking, and networking. Panel discussion at 7pm, followed by free drinks and drink specials until 10pm.
Saturday, March 3
The Tank
279 Church Street between Franklin and White
PANEL: CAMPAIGNING, BLOGGING AND FIGHTING BACK: Netroots Activism in Presidential Politics
Amanda Marcottte
Amanda Marcotte is a writer and a feminist blogger who writes for and manages She hides out from the world with her computer in Austin, TX.
Scott Shields
After contributing to grassroots group blog Dean Nation, Scott Shields joined the editorial staff of in 2005. In 2006, Shields was recruited to join the Menendez for Senate campaign as the Director of Internet Operations. He currently sits on the Netroots Advisory Council for the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy and recently founded White Horse Strategies.
Ari Melber
Ari Melber is a regular contributor to The Nation and a contributing editor at the Personal Democracy Forum.
Moderated by Nancy Scola.
Nancy Scola is a Brooklyn-based writer and activist. She has, in the past, worked for former Virginia Governor Mark Warner’s Forward Together PAC and on the Democratic side of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Nancy is currently a weekend blogger at MyDD.
Happy Hour with free drinks & drink specials
Perhaps most importantly, this is an event to support Amanda Marcotte; there is a suggested donation of $20. All proceeds will go to Marcotte to cover her travel expenses and expenses for her blog,
A very special thanks to Blogging Liberally and Drinking Liberally for all of their support.

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