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Connecticut: They really ARE full of surprises

Tweet When one thinks of the state of Connecticut, there’s often a semi-boring vision that arises: lots of colonial houses, Yale University, George W. Bush was born there — as was Foxwoods Casino. But not only is the state becoming more diverse in population and geography, but has been pretty bad-ass when it comes to [...]
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Maine Governor Paul LePage Threatens Workers Rights Mural

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TweetLast Friday, on the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Maine governor Paul LePage announced plans to remove a mural from Maine’s Department of Labor building painted by artist Judy Taylor of Tremont, ME. The Portland Press Herald writes, “The 36-foot-long, 11 panel mural depicts the state’s labor history, including a shoe worker [...]
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Fewer than 5% of new jobs went to women in the last year

TweetHere’s a nice cherry-topper to the news that woman still make 75% of men’s wages. At the New York Times, feminist economist Nancy Folbre analyzes new job growth data released by the National Women’s Law Center, suggesting that the “mancession” may soon have a new name. In short, women have filled fewer than 1 in [...]
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The smaller the body size, the bigger the paycheck?

TweetThat’s right, folks. A new study published in the fall issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology found not only that skinny women make more money than women with larger body sizes, but they make a helluva lot more — in fact, a whopping $16,000 more a year on average: The study found that thin [...]
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President Obama orders new federal breastfeeding policy

TweetAlthough breastfeeding private and public sector workers’ rights are included in the new health care reform law, President Obama has requested guidelines be implemented for federal employees: President Obama is asking federal personnel officials to draft “appropriate workplace accommodations” for federal employees who are nursing mothers. The president issued a memo Monday to the Office [...]
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