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Shorter Steve King: “We are losing our ability to force women to give birth”

TweetNo, that’s not exactly what Representative Steve King said last night when he made the faulty statement that following the recommendations of the IOM to cover birth control in all new health insurance plans will bring the end of civilization, but he might as well have. In his own words, They’ve called it preventative medicine. [...]
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What’s your debt ceiling got to do with me?

TweetI just spent the last hour trying to piece together what I understand of the debate around the debt ceiling, as both an exaggerated crisis and the potential for a really big problem, to explain what it is and why we should care but then I got confused (and I even took economics as an [...]
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Kansas moves to be only state without one place to get an abortion

TweetA Planned Parenthood in Kansas was denied state license to perform abortions based on new regulations that Senator Brownbeck has decided to implement. These new regulations, that include things like how many bathrooms there are in a facility, (surprise), only apply to abortion clinics. Not only are these new laws bizarre and obviously created to deny [...]
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Navy to disallow on base same-sex weddings.

TweetDue to pressure from Republican lawmakers the Navy is set to reverse it’s decision on allowing military chaplains to officiate same-sex marriages on navy bases. via the Advocate. In an April 13 memo on “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal training, Rear Adm. Mark L. Tidd, Chief of Navy Chaplains, clarified that base facilities are “sexual [...]
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Pat Robertson’s logic about abortion and women.

TweetPat Robertson is evergreen blog fodder, because when I am struggling with finding something to write about, I know I can count on him to have said something that will make us LOL and give us a taste of the profound ignorance that resides between his ears. According to a clip of him from the [...]
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