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Quick Hit: Interview with Fucking Trans Women author Mira Bellwether

TweetFucking Trans Women #0 is an incredible resource. It’s the only text I’ve ever come across that’s real about ways of having sex with a body like mine. There’s a lot of misconceptions about trans women’s bodies and sexualities. Zine author Mira Bellwether tears all that down simply by talking about sex in a grounded, [...]
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Truth Takes Time – a QueerFemme Translady Story

TweetThis animated short tells the story of a young trans girl who other people won’t let be a girl, and her journey to living on her own terms. A warning that it’s a tear jerker – Ellie Krnich’s picture book animation style brings me right back to childhood. The short is a personal, intimate story [...]
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Video: Janet Mock and Isis King on media representations of trans women

TweetWatch this: (The video is closed captioned). So good right? I especially love the way diversity of opinion on language is represented as both personal and political. Janet and Isis rock. Tweet
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