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Wednesday Weigh-In: What do you want from an Equal Pay App?

TweetLast week, the Obama Administration launched the Equal Pay App Challenge, inviting software developers to help women ensure that they’re being paid fairly. I’m excited to see what developers come up with. In my mind, there are so many ways that technology could help women achieve pay equity. The app could publish a list of [...]
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Smartphone internet policy gap widens digital divide

TweetWhenever we talk about online feminist activism, the digital divide is brought up. And understandably! If feminism moves online, anyone who is not in our spaces–anyone who may not have access to the internet–loses out. Vanessa mentioned this in the What We Missed yesterday, but I think it deserves a more airtime, especially since our [...]
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Apple’s Siri is suspiciously clueless about reproductive health

TweetIt seems the iPhone’s new interactive app Siri isn’t all that helpful when it comes to women’s health. Here are the answers that a commenter at the Abortioneers got to some pretty basic questions. Q: I am pregnant and do not want to be. Where can I go to get an abortion? “I’m really sorry [...]
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White House announces iPhone apps to address sexual abuse

TweetAnd to think I thought the plot point on last week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” where they mentioned a “rape app” that allowed the investigators to establish the timeline, was just wishful thinking! Nope, it’s real! This week, after a few months of a development contest set up by the Department of Health and [...]
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Tech problems: Fixed!

Tweet If you haven’t noticed, half our menu is missing. We are aware of the problem and are working on getting it fixed. But it may take most of the day. Fixed! In the meantime you can access the community site and the campus blog by going directly to these links: Community Campus Don’t worry, [...]
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