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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetOld but good: why you should celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, not Columbus Day. Violence against indigenous women, mapped. Justice4Jane has called an emergency phone blast for Jane Doe in Connecticut. Not That Bad: A Photo Project. Viola Davis talks about hunger. New report on 50 years of workplace sexual harassment from Equal Rights Advocates. Tweet
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“Sit back and shut the f*ck up”: On taxis, gender, and power

TweetEd. note: This is a guest post by Jeanann Verlee. Jeanann is an author, performance poet, editor, and former punk rocker based in New York City. A few years ago, sharing a cab with a male friend of mine, I asked the driver to make two stops. The driver dropped my friend first and scarcely [...]
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The American restaurant industry is number one for sexual harassment claims

Tweet The first time I was ever sexually harassed on the job, it was while waiting tables. The second, third, fourth, and fifth times I was sexually harassed on the job, it was while waiting tables. The first time, I reported it to my boss, but it happened so often that I stopped telling her [...]
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Yes, “Emma You Are Next” was a hoax; No, everything’s not okay

Tweet In the wake of giving a very mild speech about feminism and men’s role in it at the United Nations, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson found herself threatened by the 4chan messageboard with a release of nude photos supposedly hacked from her computer. But the countdown clock website at the center of this mess, [...]
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4Chan users threaten to release nude photos of Emma Watson because she’s a feminist

TweetSadly, it could probably have been predicted that Emma Watson’s speech at the UN would reveal the absolute worst of the misogynist internet. Enraged by her audacity–having an opinion about feminism and saying it aloud for important people to hear!–4Chan users immediately set up a countdown site called Emma You Are Next, which threatens to release hacked nude photos [...]
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