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Saudi woman will be competing in judo donning hijab

Tweet This year in the 2012 Olympics women are competing from every country that is participating in the Olympics including, for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Qatar. To be clear, Qatar and Brunei weren’t as resistant as our dear friends in the Middle East–Saudi Arabia who made women’s inclusion next to impossible. [...]
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Olympics update: Saudi Arabia will not send women after all

TweetA few weeks ago I excitedly reported that the last three dominoes – that is, countries that exclude women from Olympic competition but not men – had fallen. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei had all decided to let women go to the Olympics. Turns out I got a little too excited. Yesterday, it was reported [...]
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Saudi Arabia one step closer to letting women compete in London Games

TweetIt looks like some Saudi women athletes will be allowed to compete in London this summer. According to the New York Times, A pan-Arab newspaper based in London, Al-Hayat, reported Tuesday that the Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has approved the participation of female athletes in London as long as their sports “meet [...]
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Saudi women finally allowed to join work force… to sell lingerie

Tweet Wow, there are so many layers to this story. Saudi women, long denied the ability to work, are finally allowed into the public sector- but only to sell garments, cosmetics, and yes – skimpy women’s lingerie. From the New York Times: The Ministry of Labor is enforcing a royal decree issued last summer ordering [...]
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Saudi women are granted the right to vote. Now what?

TweetIn an unprecedented move, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote this past Sunday. Women in Saudi Arabia have been organizing on a variety of fronts, pushing for political representation, fighting for the right to drive and for more mobility in public since as of right now women have to be chaperoned when [...]
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