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The Feministing Rom Com Review: The Back-up Plan

TweetThe Back-up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and some dude with killer blue eyes who you’ve never heard of, is about Zoe, a woman in her mid-thirties – I’m assuming, because her age is never specified – who, finding herself without a significant other and determined not to miss her chance to have a baby, decides [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: Date Night

Tweet Romantic comedies are usually about people getting together. Against all the odds, despite all the obstacles, after ninety minutes, we know these two people will finally get together and make out as the credits roll, then presumably get married and have lots of babies once we leave the theater and give them some privacy. [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: The Bounty Hunter

TweetRemember in Bambi, when Thumper’s parents tell him that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”? If I were to take Mrs. Thumper’s advice, this review would be about two sentences long. Luckily, I don’t adhere to the Mrs. Thumper school of reviewing, so I’ve got plenty to say about The [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: She’s Out of My League

TweetShe’s Out of My League is testament to the power of low expectations. To put it in romantic comedy terms, imagine you’re a chronically single woman whose friends, family and telegenic dog all pity you. Then your sassy friend sets you up on a date with a man who she says isn’t that great of [...]
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Feminist Sex Shop reviews: Good Vibrations

TweetI finally got to visit one of the classic (and often cited) sex shops this past week in San Francisco, Good Vibrations. The San Francisco store is most famous for originally functioning as a worker-owned sex toy collective (as are relatively common in SF) but in 2005, the cooperative structure was abandoned and they became [...]
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