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Tweet In Egypt, Some Women Fight Sexual Harassment With Karate Chops 17 Black Women Bloggers To Know in 2013 North Carolina May Force Teens To Get Notarized Parental Consent Before Getting STD Tests Delaware Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Rachel Maddow school Politifact on LGBT marriage laws and Martina Navratilova Study: women undervalue themselves when working with men [...]
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Nancy Pelosi talks to Melissa Harris-Perry about sexism in politics

TweetYou can always count on some real talk from Nancy Pelosi. This weekend she talked with Rachel Maddow Melissa Harris-Perry* about sexism in politics–something the former House Speaker knows a little something about. She argued that it’s hard to increase the number of women in Congress in a political environment driven by money, marked by [...]
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Rachel Maddow and the truth versus condescending, sexist Republican consultant

TweetRepublican consultant Alex Castellanos is pretty good at his job. It’s not easy to fully represent the extent of the Republican Party’s sexism, and yet Castellanos manages to do so in both content and form! And that’s pretty impressive. He demonstrated his skills on Meet the Press, as he denied the well-documented phenomenon unequal pay. Castellanos [...]
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New rule for vaginaphobes: if you can’t say it, you can’t probe it!

TweetWhy is it that the same people who want to get all up into women’s vaginas shudder at the mention of the word vagina and are unable to actually say it? I guess the answer is obvious; the same people who are sadistic enough to make a woman undergo an invasive medically unnecessary procedure whose only [...]
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The Daily Caller: Rachel Maddow obsessed with vaginas

Tweet Yes, I’m totally recycling this brilliant GIF Maya posted yesterday; it’s just too fitting. Apparently The Daily Caller needs some ear muffs for their delicate sensibilities around the word “vagina.” I’m not giving any linkage to this ridiculousness, but had to share the deets: there’s a piece featured on their front page today titled, [...]
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