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“For me, public opinion will be the ultimate verdict”: Woman from NYPD Rape Case Speaks Out

Tweet As Courtney and Jos wrote about previously, last week New Yorkers took to the streets to protest the infuriating acquittal of two New York City police officers for rape. You can read more information about the case here. The defense claimed, among other things, that the accuser in the case, a young woman living [...]
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Protest the acquittal of NYC cops for rape TODAY!

TweetA coalition of feminists and organizations, including our very own Lori, have organized a protest today in response to the acquittal of two New York City police officers for rape. The case was a disaster, hinging both on claims an officer did not rape the woman despite evidence to the contrary and assertions she was [...]
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Fox News uses fake footage to make Wisconsin protests seem violent

TweetDoesn’t seem to get much lower than this. Remember the peaceful protests for worker’s rights in Wisconsin that Vanessa wrote about last week? Via Amanda Marcotte, it looks like ever-trustworthy Fox News is using fake footage to make it seem as if the Wisconsin protests are violent. In the video below, protesters can be seen [...]
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Breaking: Mubarak ‘most likely’ to step down tonight.

TweetUPDATE: Mubarak is not stepping down as of yet. Clearly, he didn’t get the hint. According to several news sources, Hosni Mubarak may be stepping down tonight. The AP reports the military has made a national announcement that they are “stepping in to “safeguard the country,” and assured protesters that President Hosni Mubarak will meet their [...]
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Quick Hit: Protests continue in Egypt.

TweetI am sifting through the mountains of coverage on protests in Egypt right now and came across this picture and had to share. And appropriately captioned by Jamia Wilson on Facebook with a Jimi Hendrix quote, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” via the Atlantic tumblr. [...]
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