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Watch now: Google hangout chat with the creators of Obvious Child and pro-choice advocates

TweetOur rescheduled Google hangout is happening today at 3 PM! We’ve been talking a lot about the new film Obvious Child around these parts lately. And we’re thrilled to be hosting this chat about it with two of the films creators, as well as advocates from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Advocates for Youth. Watch the hangout [...]
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Quick Hit: 26 women tell their abortion stories in New York Magazine

TweetThis week’s New York Magazine cover story features 26 individual stories from women who have made the choice to have an abortion, and in some instances chose to continue their pregnancies. Meaghan Winter writes: But for all the regulations and protests, despite “safe, legal, and rare” and “abortion is murder,” abortion is part of our everyday [...]
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Quick Hit: An abortion clinic counselor writes about her own pregnancy

TweetI really love this piece by an abortion clinic counselor about her experiences working at the clinic while she was pregnant with a very wanted–and ultimately failed–pregnancy of her own. One of my biggest pet peeves is anti-choicers who claim that pro-choice advocates refuse to acknowledge the emotional complexity–and physical reality–of abortion. Patricia O’Connor shows [...]
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Quick Hit: Our Blood and Pain

TweetThe artist Molly Crabapple shared her extraordinary personal story on Vice, writing with searing honesty about her abortion. This essay joins a canon of brave and brutal stories. An excerpt: Compulsively, I searched out abortion stories online. Women for whom it had meant nothing. Women for whom it had meant everything. Most of all, women who [...]
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Silence equals shame: Stepping into the light of my abortion

TweetEd. note: This is a guest post by award-winning poet, activist, and transformational leader Sonya Renee Taylor. It accompanies her video for Advocates For Youth’s 1 in 3 campaign. Check out Sonya’s full bio here. My father called me yesterday, after stumbling upon a Facebook ad that lead him to an interview I did for the [...]
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