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Wednesday Weigh In: ‘White Male Nerd Culture’ Edition

TweetOver at Salon, Irin Carmon examines the “white nerd male culture” after this week’s #SXSW attempt to diversify led to sometimes awkward results: On Monday, an enthusiastic white man congratulated film blogger and software development manager Malaika Paquiot-Mose for how well she’d done on the South by Southwest panel that had just ended. Inconveniently, Paquiot-Mose [...]
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Roundup: The many ways “If I Was a Poor Black Kid” got it seriously wrong

TweetHave you seen this BS? A self-described “middle aged white guy who comes from a middle class white background” wrote an article for Forbes called “If I Was a Poor Black Kid.” [sic] If you haven’t seen it yet, first of all, bless you for not spending all your time on the internet! And second [...]
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Unpacking the invisible messenger bag

TweetMy column for this week at The American Prospect is on privilege. It’s a piece I labored over, as privilege is such a difficult topic to think, talk, and write about. Thankfully I  had a lot of great friends, including some of the Feministing crew, offer their thoughts and criticisms, and so many smart colleagues [...]
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Desperately Seeking Sterilization: the politics of privilege

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TweetMy post-collegiate boyfriend was an affable Dane who later became a public school teacher. Children loved him, and (I think) he loved children, but he didn’t want to have any of his own. That was his story, anyway. He spoke loudly and often about not wanting to breed, or parent, or do anything involving the [...]
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Why do strange men think they’re allowed to touch me?

TweetOne morning last week I was in line at Starbucks, preparing for the long work day ahead. As I stood in line, a man walked through the café, heading for the seating area in the back. He stopped when he reached me, placed a hand on my arm, leaned in close and said, “You’re so [...]
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