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There is no right way to hate your body

TweetThis weekend, I had the great honour of speaking on a panel with the incredible Hanne Blank and the estimable Therese Shechter. We were there – at Momentum – to talk about sex and body image online, and our panel was what Hanne called a confetti conversation: we threw a bunch of bright and diverse [...]
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White savior complexes, hurt feelings and the undue pressure put on writers of color

Tweet Teju Cole has a deeply nuanced and informative piece at the Atlantic Monthly about a phenomenon that now finally has a name: the White Savior Industrial Complex. According to Cole, the specific type of activism where white and/or other privileged people enter communities, countries and cultural contexts that are not their own, is still a site rife with misunderstanding, [...]
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Wednesday Weigh In: ‘White Male Nerd Culture’ Edition

TweetOver at Salon, Irin Carmon examines the “white nerd male culture” after this week’s #SXSW attempt to diversify led to sometimes awkward results: On Monday, an enthusiastic white man congratulated film blogger and software development manager Malaika Paquiot-Mose for how well she’d done on the South by Southwest panel that had just ended. Inconveniently, Paquiot-Mose [...]
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Roundup: The many ways “If I Was a Poor Black Kid” got it seriously wrong

TweetHave you seen this BS? A self-described “middle aged white guy who comes from a middle class white background” wrote an article for Forbes called “If I Was a Poor Black Kid.” [sic] If you haven’t seen it yet, first of all, bless you for not spending all your time on the internet! And second [...]
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Unpacking the invisible messenger bag

TweetMy column for this week at The American Prospect is on privilege. It’s a piece I labored over, as privilege is such a difficult topic to think, talk, and write about. Thankfully I  had a lot of great friends, including some of the Feministing crew, offer their thoughts and criticisms, and so many smart colleagues [...]
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