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On giving and misgivings

TweetNot long ago, I was making my way home from Manhattan to Queens after meeting a friend for dinner. In the passage way between the 4-5-6 trains and the 7 train was a young woman, sitting with her back against the wall, with a backpack beside her. Against her legs she had propped a sign: [...]
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What We Missed

TweetPregnant lady flash mob! Miriam has a great piece in Colorlines on the negative impact that teen pregnancy prevention programs have on teen parents. The Texas legislation that would force women to get a sonogram before an abortion is on its way to Gov. Perry’s desk, who has every intention of signing it. Melissa on [...]
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New study finds that men suffer postpartum depression too

TweetAccording to new research published this month in the journal Pediatrics, new fathers are susceptible to postpartum depression. Researchers from the University of Michigan collected data from 1,746 new fathers in 20 cities, finding that over all, about 7 percent showed signs of depression. More than 40 percent of depressed fathers spanked their children, compared [...]
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Mike Huckabee thinks Natalie Portman’s baby bump is hurting America

TweetNatalie Portman just won the highest honor in her field, she’s gorgeously pregnant, and she’s engaged to possibly the most beautiful man in the world. Yeah, I’m jealous. Mike Huckabee, shockingly, has a different take. He thinks Portman’s setting a bad example by rubbing her unwed mother-ness in our faces. On Monday’s The Michael Medved [...]
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Deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Trial in NYC

TweetYesterday, New York City Council held a hearing to consider bold new legislation to regulate crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in New York City. You’ll remember that crisis pregnancy centers use deceptive tactics and mislead women about whether they perform abortions, often setting up shop in close proximity to actual abortion clinics and mimicking their style [...]
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