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Obama taps gay Latino poet for 2nd inauguration

TweetSometimes good news comes with bad news.  First the bad, which is the rather disappointing news that an anti-gay preacher will give the benediction at President Obama’s 2nd inauguration. Back in the mid-1990s Pastor Louie Giglio promoted that ex-gay therapy nonsense and railed against homosexuality in sermons.  You would think after Pastor Rick Warren, the [...]
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Paper-mache Princess.

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TweetWork starts at nine. Not enough light to blend this illusion, Not enough time. I blend just enough to be effortless, But not so much that I’m revealed. My pale skin hiding beneath the layers, Waiting to be accepted, not to be concealed. I live as these other people, Laminated, polished and frozen. But somehow [...]
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Step right up, job creators

TweetGwen Moore is a Democratic Congresswoman representing Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district, a staunch defender of reproductive freedom, a woman who school you if you try to couch your anti-choice views in faux-concern about “Black genocide,” and now, it seems, a poet. Here she is reading a poem of her own writing, called “Job Creators.” Transcript [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Love Cake

TweetLeah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha’s new book of poetry, Love Cake, is a delight to read. I have to admit I’m not a big poetry reader, but I’ve been a fan of Leah’s since I saw her during Mangos with Chili a few years ago. It’s her politics (from books like The Revolution Starts at Home) and [...]
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Google Honors Female Arab Poet

Tweet On Tuesday, Google celebrated the birthday of Nazik al-Malaika, a wonderful female poet, by honoring her with a “Google Doodle.” Al-Malaika was widely known in the Arab world. She passed away in June 2007. Her obituary in the NY Times described her as “one of the Arab world’s most famous poets” and “one of [...]
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