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Death, taxes, heartbreak

TweetI got my heart broken last week. Badly. Worse than it’s ever been broken in my admittedly short life. I’m not even really sure how I’m writing this, because I’ve spent the week in a fog of tears and panic and anguish and shock. I’ve barely been functional, I’ve barely been coherent. The morning after [...]
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When trauma leads you to politics

TweetVia the National Partnership for Women and Families, check out this really genuine story about how one young woman was inspired to become an activist after Dr. Tiller’s murder: When George Tiller was gunned down in his Kansas church, it changed the course of Emily Boyer’s studies…She changed her major from music to sociology, with [...]
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Happy Scramiversary!

TweetLast week, I celebrated a rather important occasion: the anniversary of a breakup. In October 2009, I ended an eighteen-month relationship with a man I loved very much. And this October, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of a really good decision. My relationship with Isaac was an exercise in extremes. When things were good, they [...]
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Saturn frickin’ returns

TweetSo around the same time that I turned 30, my life sort of exploded. In some good ways. In some really difficult ways. I won’t belabor them here, both for the sake of my own privacy (I can imagine writing about some of it once it’s good and processed, but not quite yet) and your [...]
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BET: What about the survivors?

TweetChris Brown’s “breakdown” during his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards *Trigger Warning* On the last day of the US Social Forum, I ran into an old friend from a campaign I had worked on a few years back. I had seen her on the first day but bee-lined in the other direction. I [...]
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