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5 ways the Republican party has magically removed women from the abortion debate

Tweet Pic via. I swear, if I hear one more GOP response to the Akin debacle that manages to replace the acknowledgment of women’s existence with meaningless jargon, I’m going to scream. But in the meantime, a roundup will suffice; let’s look at the ways our current Republican leadership has minimized the lives of women [...]
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Romney, the GOP platform and why this isn’t about Todd Akin

Tweet Image via Choose Ryan Lose Choice. As Todd Akin released a really terrible video apology this morning about his “legitimate rape” remarks and Republicans (including Romney) try to distance themselves from the Missouri senatorial candidate, other striking facts have come to light that reminds us what this issue is really about. Just yesterday, the [...]
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Infographic: Why Paul Ryan Is Terrible For Women

TweetVanessa recently wrote a great post on why Paul Ryan is bad for women and basically every person on the planet (besides the vested interests he serves and represents). UltraViolet has put out this great infographic, which you can share, on why Ryan is terrible for women specifically. Tweet
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Why Paul Ryan is bad news for women (and everyone else)

Tweet As you all know, Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick on Saturday morning. And as most of you probably know, he’s kind of a terrible person. His infamous budget plan would decimate safety net programs for the poorest Americans, he pretty much believes that climate change is a conspiracy theory, and is a [...]
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What We Missed

Tweet Via. In his newly-released budget plan, Paul Ryan tells the 99% to go fuck themselves. Parents of transgender youth make an It Gets Better video. A new report by the National Women’s Law Center shows that women are paying way more than men for health insurance — one billion dollars more for those getting [...]
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