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After terrorist threat, feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian cancels lecture at Utah university

Tweet *Trigger warning* Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency was scheduled to give a talk at Utah State University tonight. But she was forced to cancel after someone threatened to commit “the deadliest school shooting in American history” if the event went forward and the state’s conceal-and-carry law prevented the police from taking adequate security measures [...]
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We must dissent: Intel bows to GamerGate campaign to silence feminist video game critics

TweetThe #GamerGate movement, which might be explained best to outsiders as the Tea Party of video gaming, was born in a fire of harassment against one woman in August. The crowdsourced terroristic harassment campaigns that have historically been directed at individuals—by now a dreary feature of everyday life online—have now, with the advent of GamerGate, [...]
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Yes, “Emma You Are Next” was a hoax; No, everything’s not okay

Tweet In the wake of giving a very mild speech about feminism and men’s role in it at the United Nations, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson found herself threatened by the 4chan messageboard with a release of nude photos supposedly hacked from her computer. But the countdown clock website at the center of this mess, [...]
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Jezebel staff calls out Gawker for refusing to deal with their rape gif problem

Tweet For awhile now, Jezebel has been dealing with some trolls posting gifs of violent porn in their comments section using anonymous burner accounts. It’s a shitty game of whack-a-mole that exposes readers to triggering content and requires the writers and editors to delete the comments every day. After months of inaction by the higher ups at [...]
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Our Days of Rage: What #CancelColbert reveals about women/of color and controversial speech

TweetContent Warning: This article uses screenshots of extremely bigoted tweets to illustrate what it describes; thanks goes out to Twitter user @jennybaquing for screen-capping them, and John Weeks for Storifying them. By now, online conflagrations seem to burn with an all too familiar cadence. The rhythms of cyber-fire rise and fall in predictable waves of [...]
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