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Frank Ocean makes TV debut and beautiful music history

TweetLast week R&B singer Frank Ocean made history.  He is the first R&B singer to come out and reveal that his first love was a man. With the release of his debut solo album, Channel Orange Ocean makes beautiful music and pushes the boundaries of traditional pop and R&B with not so subtle references to [...]
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Domino’s Pizza thinks rape is a joke

TweetNot sure how many times we have to say it, but RAPE IS NOT A JOKE.  It’s not a metaphor.  Or a clever play on words.  Or a good way to scare women into never drinking alcohol. It’s a reality for so many people, a trauma that warrants empathy and that requires years of healing. So [...]
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GOP wants to replace Obamacare with invisible unicorn

TweetThe Republican party lost a big fight last week.  Obamacare was ruled constitutional and the GOP has been caught fumbling and stumbling over their words for the past few days, struggling to find a singular line of attack against Obamacare. First, they are calling Obamacare the greatest tax increase in history because of the “penalty” [...]
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If Presidents are supposed to be like our boyfriend, Mitt Romney would make a terrible one

TweetMitt Romney has joined the race for our affections, but he’s struggling to close the deal. His responses to major political issues are vague at best and his lack of commitment is apparent in his inability to take any firm positions. No one wants to date Mitt Romney. I hate to say it but Romney’s [...]
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‘Brave’ has a gender problem

Tweet*If you haven’t yet seen Brave and want to avoid any spoilers at all, avoid this post.  If you don’t mind minor spoilers for plot points (but not outcome) continue reading* I avoided any reviews or spoilers before seeing the new Pixar movie Brave yesterday.  I wanted to go into the movie about a young heroine [...]
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