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A female journalist attended a Men’s Rights Conference last weekend. This is her story.

Tweet The so-called “men’s rights” movement is a farce. Men’s rights activists (MRAs) hurt and kill both men and women. They make actual work on behalf of men harder. Fuck them. Now that you know how I really feel about MRAs, you can fully appreciate my fascination with this account of one female, feminist-identified journalist’s time attending [...]
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The Academic Feminist: Talking Feminism and Masculinities with Tristan Bridges

TweetWelcome back, Academic Feminists! Today’s conversation features Tristan Bridges, Lecturer with the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia (recently appointed to The College at Brockport, SUNY).  Tristan offers some fantastic insights into masculinities and men’s relationships to feminisms, while also dispelling some common myths about contemporary gender inequalities. You can find out more [...]
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Details Magazine publishes story of man acquitted of rape

TweetDetails magazine has published an account of one man’s experience of being accused and later found not guilty of rape. The story, written by Kayleen Schaefer (who tweeted a link to the story with the question “is this every man’s worst nightmare?”) calls rape accusations “one of the last indelible taints in society” and bemoans [...]
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Quick hit: Amanda Marcotte on Men’s Rights Activists

TweetOver at The Good Men Project (add it to your Google reader! Add it now!), friend of the site Amanda Marcotte has a fantastic article about Men’s Rights Activists. According to Marcotte, there’s a one-word solution to all the things MRAs complain about: feminism. When you believe that we live in a female-dominated world where [...]
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You know what I love? Curfews for men. Because I’m a feminist.

TweetYou know what I love? I love chocolate and cheese and yodeling and neutrality! I also love hanging out with people who feel that gender is a zero-sum game in which gains by women mean losses for men. So I am super sad to have missed last weekend’s anti-feminist conference in Switzerland. Details about the [...]
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