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“All she is is a host for a fetus”: Brain-dead pregnant woman forced to stay on life support in Texas

Tweet You’re likely already familiar with the harsh reality of abortion restrictions in Texas. In particular, we’ve covered the ordeal of the Munoz family, who are being forced to keep Marlise Munoz alive even though she was declared brain dead before Thanksgiving when she was 14 weeks pregnant and despite her clearly expressed wishes to her husband, Erick Munoz, that [...]
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Scientists say a baby girl born with HIV has been cured

TweetA turning point in HIV/AIDs medicine yesterday–scientists have found a baby girl that they believe has been cured of HIV through the application of heavy doses of anti-viral drugs within the first 2 days of birth. via NPR, The fact that the newborn tested positive for HIV within 30 hours of birth is a sign [...]
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Pay inequity in the field of medicine

TweetA new study has found that women doctors earn less than male doctors–even after additional factors are accounted for. The study conducted at the University of Michigan evaluated 800 physicians that received grants from the National Institute of Health and were a group of highly competitive doctors to account for variations in skill level, hours [...]
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Study: a quarter of women will experience chronic pain during sex

TweetA new study out of the University of Michigan Medical School found that around 8% of women suffer from vulvodynia, a frustratingly mysterious condition whose symptoms include pain during sex. It’s estimated that 25% of women will have vulvodynia at some point in their lives. I’ve written about the condition in the past, and have [...]
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Quick hit: the medical revolution in sub-Saharan Africa

TweetThere’s an important article about expanded access to health care in Sierra Leone in today New York Times. An excerpt: Sierra Leone is at the vanguard of a revolution — heavily subsidized for now by international donors — that appears to be substantially lessening health dangers here in one of the riskiest countries in the [...]
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