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Tweet Hardly excited about the return of Leslie Knope. “It was a dirty secret that wasn’t discussed.” Cultural appropriation’s “greatest” hits. On the racial empathy gap. The Brewstar-Douglass Projects are coming down. No pill. No prob? The value of suffering. 77% of unpaid interns are women. Girls and the power of the online petition. The latest flash point [...]
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Leslie Knope’s sexuopolitical dreams are coming true

Tweet“Sexuopolitical” is a word I just made up for when you think a political figure is super sexy. This is how certain members of the Feministing crew feel about Barack (though I reckon more of us feel that way about Michelle). It’s how almost all the young women of America in 1961 felt about JFK. [...]
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WTF: NBC to end Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Community after next season?

Tweet Knope 4 Life. Say it isn’t so! No, really–tell me I’m wrong. While NBC has said that 30 Rock will have just one more abbreviated final season, the fate of Parks and Rec and Community is still unconfirmed. But with rumors that they too will end after next season, the internet–or at least my [...]
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Has Leslie Knope become a damsel in distress?

Tweet Over at The American Prospect, Amanda Marcotte argues that Leslie Knope has fallen from her previous heights of feminist heroism and become a “damsel in distress” in this season of Parks and Rec. I disagree. Things started to go off the rails with an artificial obstacle thrown in the way of Ben and Leslie’s [...]
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Parks and Recreation: Thank You for the Pawnee Goddesses

Originally posted in Community Blog

TweetI used to babysit a house full of smart, awesome girls. They played pirates, staged elaborate kitchen science experiments, and read books by the case-full. For half an hour every evening, we sprawled out on the couch and tuned in to the ongoing exploits of a myriad of makeup lacquered, fresh out of elementary school [...]
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