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Infographic: Women of color in the United States

TweetBrought to us by the Center for American Progress, this infographic examines the state of women of color in four key areas: the workplace wage gap, health, educational attainment, and political leadership — taken from an issue brief they just released. CAP reports: Women of color have made incredible strides in educational attainment and in [...]
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Prime Ministering while female

TweetSo, Australia’s Foreign Minister resigned yesterday. He resigned at 1am yesterday at a hastily-convened press conference in Washington, DC, in the middle of a trip. A little background, for those of you who aren’t Australian. Australia’s until-recently Foreign Minister is a man by the name of Kevin Rudd. In 2007, the Australian Labor Party swept [...]
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Public health crusaders: Japanese women take the capital

TweetHundreds of Japanese women have been holding a sit in on the steps of the  of the Japanese capital demanding  that their government provide better relief for some 30,000 children exposed to nuclear radiation by the Fukushima meltdown. “Official recovery policy focuses on decontamination rather than protecting the health of those most vulnerable – children [...]
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This is why we need more women in student leadership

TweetLast year at my alma mater, a committee was formed to investigate why there were so few women in student government leadership. When the committee presented its findings in March of this year, this was one of them: Although some women do run for elected office, many students choose less visible jobs behind the scenes. [...]
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A summer camp of one’s own

Tweet Who among us hasn’t heard the oft repeated quotation from Mahatma Gandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, as I was sitting in front of 80 high school aged-girls last week talking about body image, media activism, gender, feminism, and so much more, it occurred to me that a [...]
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