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Tweet John Kerry started work today as our latest Secretary of State and he asked a deep question: “Here’s the big question before the country and the world and the State Department after the last eight years:  Can a man actually run the State Department? As the saying goes, I have big heels to fill.” [...]
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Delhi is different from Steubenville

Tweet Pic via. Nicholas Kristof has a recent op-ed titled, “Is Delhi so different from Steubenville?” which makes the case that sexual assault is an international and universal epidemic. He writes, Gender violence is one of the world’s most common human rights abuses. Women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be maimed [...]
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Indian political and religious leaders give slut-shaming advice on how not to get raped

Tweet Protesters in New Delhi against the Indian governments response to the brutal gang rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey Rape culture, the pervasive, unchecked, beast that has created the conditions for rape to occur with the horrifying, disgusting frequency and grotesqueness with which it occurs, guides the way people think about women’s bodies, women’s autonomy and who is [...]
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Five men charged with murder in Indian gang rape case

Tweet Watch this great Democracy Now segment on the reaction to India’s gang rape case. By now, you’ve probably heard that the young woman who was brutally raped on a bus in New Delhi two weeks ago died from her injuries. Today, five of her attackers have officially been charged with murder, rape, and other crimes [...]
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Protestors demand accountability after woman is gang-raped in Delhi

Tweet After a horrific rape in Delhi this weekend, protestors in India are demanding accountability from the government: The police said the men were looking for some fun. They had been drinking, having a party, and decided to go on a joy ride. They began circling the capital in a private bus, the police said, [...]
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