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Tweet A photographer examines the struggle to provide women with safe, respectful care during childbirth. Rush Limbaugh says VAWA is just a mean plot by the Democrats to make the GOP look bad. Obviously. There’s a profile of feminist bad-ass Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this week’s New Yorker. A interesting discussion of women’s position within Sikhism. [...]
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Hook-up culture: Many young women prefer it and that’s not a bad thing

Tweet Pic via Sociological Images. Hanna Rosin has an essay in The Atlantic this month about hook-up culture in anticipation of her book, The End of Men: And the Rise of Women.  I have been curious to see what direction Rosin’s book would go, since I have always been a fan of her well-researched and logical [...]
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Psychologists debunk 6 common gender-essentialist myths about sexuality

TweetBREAKING: Science confirms what feminists have been saying forever. All those myths about innate gender differences when it comes to sex? Not actually true. In a new review of research, University of Michigan psychologist Terri Conley and colleagues debunked six common gender-essentialist myths. 1) Men want “attractiveness,” while women want “status” Sure, maybe on paper [...]
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Quick hit: Lisa Wade on the real problem with hooking up in college

TweetHooking up isn’t the problem, she says. The problem is how we talk about hooking up. Or rather, about how we talk about nothing but hooking up. The problem isn’t hooking up, it’s that hooking up is the only way of being sexual that my students see as an option. There were no counter-messages. Students [...]
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Ross Douthat sells sex and young people way too short

Tweet In his column yesterday, Ross Douthat tried to convince us that he cares about young peoples’ (especially young women’s) “romantic happiness” and is not, in fact, just interested in promoting one conservative sexual ideal. Ha! He acknowledges that people have always been having premarital sex and a strict adherence to abstinence until marriage is [...]
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