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Occupy Wall Street eviction postponed after thousands join protest

TweetYesterday afternoon, news was flying around that the Occupy Wall Street contingent would be removed from the park today at 7am for cleaning. This message was sent by the private management company that owns the space, but allows it to be open to the public. The OWS crew has sparked this incredible national movement, with [...]
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What main street doesn’t know about Occupy Wall street

Tweet (pic via the Gothamist) On September 17th, 2011 thousands of protestors marched on Wall street. Their demands were as diverse as their constituents, including everything from banning the death penalty to ending poverty. What seems to be missing from this rather dedicated action is any serious mainstream media coverage. Fair asks, “What if Wall [...]
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46.2 million Americans live below the poverty line

Tweet According to the Census Bureau, the majority of Americans are truly suffering in this downturn economy. Figures released yesterday reflect that last year saw another 2.6 million people slip into poverty, bringing the grand total estimate to 46.2 million people, the highest number in the 52 years that the Bureau has been reporting. But [...]
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Appalling wage decreases and persistant gender gap for recent college graduates

TweetWhile our country’s leadership is indecisive about the best way to deal with the high unemployment rates, research is showing us the chilling reality that not only has the wage gap between genders not gone away, but recent college graduates are making less and less in wages. Via Daily Kos a study from the Economic [...]
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Since when do spending cuts equal job creation?

TweetThe political sphere has been so frustrating lately. The horrific midterm election brought into Congress waves of ultra-Conservative politicians with no real political strategy. Couple that with a never-ending recession, and it’s a political nightmare. All they can talk about is “job creation” but all they can do is try and pass draconian spending cuts [...]
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