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93% economic recovery gains went to the top 1%. 1% still gives Obama shade.

TweetSuper rich feel victimized by the Obama Administration, Chrystia Freeland writes: Evident throughout the letter is a sense of victimization prevalent among so many of America’s wealthiest people. In an extreme version of this, the rich feel that they have become the new, vilified underclass. T. J. Rodgers, a libertarian and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, [...]
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Infographic: Women still make less money!

TweetIf you’re one of those people worried about the collapse of traditional society and nostalgic for the days when women knew their place… you probably won’t be reading Feministing. But if you did, you’d be thrilled to see this infographic from The National Journal, showing that women make less than men — they even make [...]
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Latino and black community twice as likely as whites to be affected by housing crisis

TweetThis isn’t surprising or new news to many of us, but important to document nonetheless. Think Progress brings our attention to a report just released by the Center on Responsible Lending which reveals that the Latino and black community are nearly twice as likely as whites to have been affected by the foreclosure crisis: Although [...]
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The attempted eviction of Occupy: A round-up

TweetOver the last week or so, we’ve seen an effort to forcibly evict occupy protests around the country. These efforts reached their peak when NYC Mayor Bloomberg ordered police to forcibly evict the original occupiers at Zuccotti Park in NYC early this morning. I feel saddened by the destruction of an incredible community. I feel [...]
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Men in the “creative class” make nearly twice as much as women

TweetThat staggering stat comes from a new study explored in the Atlantic on the rise of women in the creative class. Click for larger image. Now, members of the “creative class” have it pretty nice. They have jobs that pay 60% more than average and that they’re less likely to lose during this unemployment crisis. [...]
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