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There is no right way to hate your body

TweetThis weekend, I had the great honour of speaking on a panel with the incredible Hanne Blank and the estimable Therese Shechter. We were there – at Momentum – to talk about sex and body image online, and our panel was what Hanne called a confetti conversation: we threw a bunch of bright and diverse [...]
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The ways of talking about the “war on women” that leave people out

TweetThere’s been a lot of talk lately on the feminist internets – everywhere, really – about the Republican “war on women.” The bevy of anti-choice legislation is absolutely that – Republicans intend to go after women. But I’m finding much of the feminist response hurtful in its conflation of “women” and “people who can make [...]
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On Being a Chef, a Woman, and the Need for Safe Spaces

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TweetEvery once in a while I come across an article on the internet about female chefs. A quick Google search for ‘female chef’ pulls up sparse results, usually a year or more between each entry. If you search ‘female pastry chef’ (more relevant to me because I AM one), you find still less. The articles [...]
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Attitudes are the hardest thing to tailor

TweetI used to love shopping. It was a big pastime for my family, and many of my best memories as a kid are centered on the shopping mall. But even when I loved shopping for clothes, there was always that really terrible moment in the dressing room that would stick with me for months after [...]
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Is criminalization a good prevention tactic?

TweetFor many things that people may think are wrong, or should be eliminated or prevented, the first (or often main) tactic for dealing with them is criminalization. This applies to things like sex work, abortion, drugs, immigration, domestic violence (and many more). Criminalization means that you make the said thing illegal, criminalize the behavior and [...]
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