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Breaking: Single women are not tragic, lonely, were-witches

TweetOK, I haven’t really heard any one call single ladies were-witches, but if you believe we are tragic, scary, cat hoarders–then I have to wonder what else you think is true. The life and times of single ladies is the subject of constant speculation. You would think there is an actual news story there seeing [...]
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Quick Hit: Samhita on Men With Low Self Esteem

TweetOur own Samhita has a piece at GOOD about one of her dating dealbreakers: what she calls Men With Low Self Esteem. By MWLSE, I don’t mean dudes who are a little bit insecure. We all get a little insecure from time to time. I mean men who are so bogged down by their warped [...]
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How not to talk to an Asian lady

TweetWhen it comes to dating, fetishization is often confused with sexual preference. “What you like,” when it comes to dating, seems to be one of the most visible and untarnished sites of race based assumptions about the sexual prowess of your potential sexual or relationship mate. In short, it is totally acceptable for a man [...]
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Quick Hit: Samhita on Chris Brown, Steve Harvey, and dating advice

TweetChris Brown, who famously beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna, has been cast as the male lead in the film adaptation of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the dating advice book by Steve Harvey, who is currently being charged with emotional abuse as part of divorce proceedings. Over at AlterNet our very own Executive [...]
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What’s better than sex? Charts about sex!

Tweet I love sex. I love charts. But I love charts about sex most of all. And the latest number-crunching from the folks at OKCupid includes 10 of them! Yes, these studies of OKCupid’s users skew toward young, urban, tech-savvy, single people, so take them with the requisite grain of salt. But still–the charts are [...]
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