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Blunt Amendment tabled

TweetThank goodness that is over. The Blunt Amendment has been tabled by the Senate–the bill that Maya wrote about yesterday would allow your boss to decide what specific pieces of coverage and you and can’t have based on personal belief systems. This would not just be a threat to access to contraception (the most obvious benefit [...]
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Frank Lautenberg: Man, who trusts women, of the day

TweetWatching the Blunt Amendment hearings today on C-Span and Frank Lautenberg gives a heartfelt testimony about how he doesn’t want the women in his life to suffer based on the warped views of religious zealots. He says, “When it comes to women, they don’t get rights. They get restrictions… I have five daughters and eight [...]
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Senate to vote tomorrow on whether your boss can dictate your health care coverage

TweetTomorrow, the Senate is expected to vote on the Blunt amendment, which, as we’ve reported, would “allow any employer to exclude any health service coverage by claiming that it violates their religious or moral convictions.” Birth control? HIV treatment? Maternity care? Whateves. Republican supporters are saying it isn’t that big a deal–that it’s just the [...]
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