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Because your intelligence hasn’t been insulted enough already in this campaign

TweetI am obviously voting for Paul Ryan’s ticket, because the guy is totally dreamy. Sure, his fiscal policies are mathematically nonsensical at best and socially unjust at worst, and he thinks I should be left die in the ER if I need a life saving abortion but the doctors don’t believe in the procedure. But [...]
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A note on our advertising

TweetYou may have recently noticed some changes to the advertising on Feministing, which is part of our work to more effectively monetize the site. We are still getting used to the new system and set up and as a result, some offensive ads have been getting through recently. Sorry for that and thanks to those [...]
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Quick hit: Why are all those movie trailers voiced by men?

TweetThe New York Times ran an article last weekend about why so few movie trailer voiceovers are performed by women. The article discussed the perception that women’s voices aren’t strong enough to cut through the noise of a movie trailer, and suggested that even if they can, many of us trust men’s voices more than women’s: [...]
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Dr. Pepper 10 response more patronizing than ad

TweetRemember a certain soft drink company that decided the best way to peddle their low-calorie sugar water was with an ad campaign that proclaimed “It’s not for women” and “No girls allowed”? Well reader Katharine, like many people, wrote in to complain, and the auto-response she received from the company was, incredibly, more condescending and [...]
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Norway considers disclaimers on retouched ads

TweetNorway’s equality minister is pushing for advertisers to begin disclosing when their billboards have been retouched. The goal is to create “warning labels” that will help consumers, and particularly young people, distinguished between digitally altered images and unaltered ones. Making the connection between unrealistic images of women’s bodies in advertising and poor body image in [...]
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