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Big gay victory celebration in Minnesota

TweetCheck out this wonderful, cockle-warming video, taken from inside the war room of Minnesotans United for All Families, on election night. Minnesota voters were given the chance to write discrimination against LGBT Minnesotans into the state constitution. Minnesota’s gay marriage amendment, unlike those in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State, was a chance for voters to [...]
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Breaking: Love believes in Love Today. Washington passes Referendum 74. A sweep for Marriage Equality Amendments

TweetWashington United for Marriage (WUM), declares victory for the passage of state Referendum 74, approving same sex marriage: After crunching numbers throughout the night, Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition which built an historic statewide campaign, from a record-setting donor base to an unprecedented GOTV effort, all to defend the freedom to marry, [...]
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The Academic Feminist: Election Forum

TweetWelcome back, Academic Feminists! Inspired       (okay, incredibly annoyed) by the lack of academic feminist commentary in mainstream election coverage, I reached out to some amazing academic feminist folks and asked for their thoughts on the election. The people I asked to contribute are all over the disciplinary – and geographical – map. I asked these [...]
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Send a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves to every member of Congress

TweetClearly, some of them need it. Seems we have some members of Congress who couldn’t pass seventh grade Biology, and yet, they’re still allowed to write and pass legislation that gets all up in women’s… business. So, the smart people over at Our Bodies, Ourselves have started a campaign to get a copy of their [...]
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Well, you did dare to speak in public, so I guess you deserve this

TweetRemember Katherine Fenton, the young woman who asked the candidates a question about the gender pay gap during Tuesday’s debate? The one who gave Barack Obama the chance to remind us that the first law he ever signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and gave Mitt Romney the chance to give us all [...]
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