RIP Elizabeth Peña, actress who defied stereotypes about race and gender

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Elizabeth Peña, who died Tuesday night at the age of 55, was more than a prolific and exceptional actress. She was an exceptionally talented woman who changed the way Latina women are represented in film and challenged notions of race and gender.

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Chart of the Day: Voters know that abortion is about economic justice and gender equality

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The anti-choice movement has done its damndest to isolate the issue of abortion. Conservative politicians are prone to dismissing reproductive rights as a divisive “social issue” that’s less serious than–and completely disconnected from–the “bread and butter” economic issues their voters supposedly care about more. But a new poll commissioned by the National Institute for Reproductive Health suggests that Americans are not fooled—instead, they easily make the connections between access to abortion, economic stability, and women’s broader gender equality.  Read More »

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Fashion and Feminism: Mateo Guadalupe of Leather Coven

Brown-skinned woman with long black hair wearing leather harness/bustier and covering her breasts

In an effort to further the dialogue on fashion, adornment, and feminism, we’re doing a series of interviews with feminist designers and artists who create beautiful things to wear. Check out our previous installment here!

Mateo Guadalupe is an activist, artist, and all-around magical person. Most importantly for today’s purposes, though, Mateo is an excellent leatherworker, making gorgeous, high-quality leather harnesses, bustiers, and other assorted leather creations that manage to both be unexpected (in the best way) and pay tribute to queer leather histories. A browse through his etsy shop, Leather Coven, will have you lusting after occasions to wear Beyonce-inspired leatherwear and regal leather crowns – and you won’t be short on ideas of how to do so if you peep Leather Coven’s fabulous femme-filled Instagram.

The best part? Mateo is a fierce and fabulous feminist.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet


7 different Buffy-inspired Halloween costumes!

Pennsylvania parents are fighting to prevent fracking near their childrens’ school.

Jessica Mason Pieklo explains why we shouldn’t get too excited about yesterday’s Supreme Court order protecting abortion access in Texas.

As the US women’s national soccer team begins its journey to the World Cup, Jessica Luther explains why some of the world’s players have filed a gender discrimination suit against FIFA for making them play on artificial turf. (Turf really is the worst.)

Women lean Democratic. Single women lean strongly Democratic. And single women who are not white lean overwhelmingly Democratic.”

Hollaback! and the Thomson Reuters Foundation released the first ever global legal resource on street harassment.

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled feminist news for an important message from the First Lady

During a White House Q&A about her “Let’s Move” campaign, Michelle Obama was asked, “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn up’?!” and took the opportunity to channel Lil Jon and get all punny on us.

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